Winter Solstice



I open my eyes and seek to see. There is only a void out there, nothing to be seen. But there must be something. Feeling anxious I continue trying. Time and space float around me, dreams and reality dance together. I must see.


Frozen darkness embraces me and it becomes a shield. I brave myself and abandon hope. Soon, I can see there is something. Faint shapes appear before my eyes. I trace the silhouettes and study the lines. I see it. I see it but I don’t know the meaning of it.


It’s the winter solstice. Time shifts.


I merely gaze now. I no longer want to seek. I am without effort, without care. I feel calm. Slowly, light fills in my space. I see it. Full of colors. Full of warmth. I see every shape and every line. It is there. It has always been there. I just didn’t see it.



winter solstice(web)


winter solstice, 2015

a triptych with mix of photography and a video projection.