Experiments with visual, aural, and tactile sensations and how they inter-relate and differ.





trip A, 2013


trip B, 2013




video library (obsession)

video library (check out)

obsession, 2000

video library




obsession (hidden)



obsession, 2000

audio installation




water tent project

water tent project 2

water tent project, 2000


The Tent Project is the experiment of this subtle incongruity between visual and tactile sensation.  The audience is invited to enter a room.  The room is dark.  A single light from the ceiling illuminates the tent in the middle of the room.  The tent is soaked in the water and the water drips from the ceiling.


The tent must be a solitary experience.  Only one person should be inside the tent at one time.  Only when one is alone, he/she will be able realize his/her sensations and contemplate without distraction.