The “fundamental theorem of arithmetic” states that every integer greater than 1 is either prime itself or is the product of prime numbers. Prime numbers can only be divided by themselves and 1, therefore they consist of itself – the whole – and 1 – the smallest unit of being.


This series visualizes this concept that we see in our  lives and the reality around us. The whole is a product of all its unique parts, everything is connected, each are necessary. We cannot distinguish any other element in this fabric of the drawing: each single line is necessary to complete the whole, all threads of life form together the fabric. These drawings therefore represent a radical form of abstraction, the very fabric of reason.


From a distance, we might be led to see very similar drawings, but on closer examination, each drawing, each surface, each line is carefully and uniquely hand-drawn to make up a unique fabric. Fabric of Reason provokes the spectator to inquire and recognize the primal necessity of each and total dependency of all, which we may find both in the whole and the detail of each drawing.




i (fabric of reason)

i, 2013


i (fabric of reason)(detail)

i, 2013 (detail)





iii (fabric of reason)

iii, 2013



iii (fabric of reason)(detail)

iii, 2013 (detail)